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Things to do - Kaikoura's Top 5

1# - Topspot Seal Swims

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Feel at one with nature, swimming with our most playful marine mammals.

Delight in their antics as they frolic around you against the spectacular backdrop of the Kaikoura Mountains.

Ungainly on land, New Zealand Fur Seals are graceful and inquisitive in their own environment.

We provide you with our top quality wetsuits and there is no snorkeling experience necessary.

There are also flotation aids avaliable. An experienced guide will be with you at all times.

Topspot Seal Swimming and Snorkelling Trips offers you excellent value for money as well as being informative and heaps of fun.

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#2 - Whale watching Kaikoura

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Whale Watch Kaikoura is New Zealand's only marine based whale watching company offering

an exciting up-close encounter with the worlds largest toothed predator the Giant Sperm Whale in their natural environment at all times of the year!

Whale Watch has a 95% success rate in sighting whales which means we guarantee an 80% refund if your tour does not see a whale!

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#3 - Dolphin Encounter - Dolphin swimming tours

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Dolphin Encounter provides the opportunity for you to go swim and watch wild dusky dolphins in their natural

environment off the coast of Kaikoura, New Zealand.

Whether you choose to view from the boat or join the dolphins in the ocean,

you will have a unique experience that will stay with you for a lifetime!

Dusky dolphins are resident in the coastal waters of Kaikoura all year round and are most renowned

for their acrobatic leaps and their inquisitive, interactive behaviour.

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#4 - Takapu - Kaikoura Fishing Charters

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We put more time in, so you get a great time out.

Locally owned and operated, friendly crew with up to 35 years of fishing knowledge and experience.

Catch your own seafood lunch or dinner.

We supply you with all equipment, fillet your fish and bag them. Trips 3 - 7 hours.

Safe 11.6 metre vessel fiitted for up to 10 passengers - onboard bathroom facilities.

Stunning Sea and mountain views - excellent photographic opportunities.

Great wildlife and bird watching including!

Albatross, Mollymawks, Shags, Petrels, Shearwaters, Seals, Whales, Dolphins and orca.


#5 - Seafest Kaikoura

Kaikouras premier festival featuring wine and food from the region.

Seafest is an annual celebration of the abundance of the ocean and all it represents for the Kaikoura region.

The festival is a taste, sight and sound extravaganza for those who enjoy good food,

good company and a good time. An impressive variety of products offered,

presented in many weird and wonderfully creative ways - enjoyed with continuous live entertainment throughout the day.

The fine food, wines, and beverages featured are predominantly from the local Kaikoura, Marlborough, and North Canterbury regions.

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